Our History

While attending CSUN, Rick’s father Jeff, saw his classmate Sandy Milmaster broken down on the freeway, prompting him to pull over to help.  They quickly became friends in which Milmaster offered him an investment opportunity alongside him and his brother to be partners at a wrecking yard they were starting.  After securing funds, Jeff entered the business at 26 and within two years he was able to buy the brothers out, making the business his own. 

Our original Seller’s Permit

Following his takeover, the company entered their golden years from the late 70s to 90s encouraged by an industry boom.  With the introduction of the Internet, Jeff decided to alter the company to specialize in Jaguar and Land Rover, turning Elite Auto Parts into what it is today. 

During his time at Elite, Jeff became an industry leader and was able to positively alter the perception of wrecking yards.  With his influence, wrecking yards were no longer viewed as junk yards, but as auto recycling yards and auto dismantlers.  He not only participated on boards locally and nationally, but he was president of the Valley Auto Association and SCADA, winning the Top Gun Competition in Las Vegas against every auto wrecker company in the industry.

Rick started learning from his father at the age of five, going to work and to auctions with Jeff whenever he could.  Rick eventually opened his own shops in San Diego, then moved back to work with his father in 2008 until he passed away in 2012.  Since then, Rick has maintained his father’s legacy by holding true to quality products, customer service, and prequalifying customers.

Our Yard in 1976
Our yard in 2006

Under his leadership, Rick has been able to grow the company from about $200,000 a year to over $5 million a year in sales.  With all in-house machinery, Elite [Automakers] has sold over 1,000 motors, each with new internals built by a well-qualified and efficient staff.

Not just a business, Elite Auto Parts is a father-son passion that Rick continues to bring to customers to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.